Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Conservative is Wrong on the Internet

This is Marc Thiessen:

He writes a weekly column for the Washington Post, and, like most conservatives, is wrong on the internet. This week he's decided to claim that Obama's support among Jews is slipping dramatically. The trouble is, he's wrong.

This is Glenn Greenwald:

He writes for Salon, among other publications. He points out in his column today that Marc Thiessen is regularly full of shit. But, more specifically, Greenwald completely owns Thiessen on the claim that Jews are abandoning the president, and along the way he points out how conservatives love this particular idea.

It seems small, but this is important work. If not for Greenwald and others keeping their eyes on this, the conservatives would be able to even more successfully fool the American citizens by misrepresenting the truth, by playing on fears, and by just flat-out lying.

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  1. Fear is a powerful tool for manipulation. People want to feel safe and when fears, fabricated or real, are pranced around people look for reassurance that things will be A-OK. This is where the devious politician steps in and does the reassuring.